Termite Control

Termites, if left untreated can eat up the available equity in your house. While, most of us think that termite treatment is needed after their infestation, but, with advancements in technologies, effective treatment can easily be implemented during construction of your house.

But, why do we need termite control? Of course, you can never leave your surroundings infested by termites. Other than damaging wooden furniture, termites can widely damage your walls and other concerned inclusions. Your household inclusions like, clothes, carpets and furniture are often targeted by termites. Though, termite prone diseases are yet to get discovered, but, at times people get allergic or get asthmatic attacks.

Termite destruction knows no bound, where any construction type offers ideal combination of food, moisture and warmth for the growth in potential termite attack. Houses without termite protection often undergo issues during sale, where professional lending institutions raises concern for houses without termite bonds.

It Is Difficult To Detect Termite Before Potential Damage
Termites feed on humidity and darkness; where they build mud channels to survive. Well, if, your house is exposed to mud channels, your house is threatened by termites!

Let us, provide you some do-you-know facts about termites, which can help you to decide on the professional aids available:

  • Do you know termites, popularly known as white ants can destroy anything and everything containing cellulose, like, wood and paper?
  • Do you know termite damage is hard to detect. At times, damage is done before you can actually anticipate their existence. A thorough check for termites is advised.
  • Do you know that termites grow and infest under the ground? Hence, it becomes difficult to detect.
  • Do you know termites have the habit to build multiple mud channels? Well, if, you have eradicated one, termites might be busy building their colonies in another part of your house. A termite egg has the potentiality to build a colony of its own.

  • Hence, relying on ISPC World (Safety for health and property) can provide you a professional aid to termite control. ISPC World offers both pre and post construction professional termite treatment.

    Pre-construction anti termite treatment, 5 years Warranty.
    Basement & Retaining wall structure
    A. Horizontal Barrier- Treatment to Bottom of Basement floor @ 5 lit emulsion per sq.mt.
    B. Vertical Barrier- Treatment of vertical backfill along the retaining wall @ 7.5 lit emulsion per sq.mt. of vertical area.
    C. Treatment of soil along external perimeter-@2.25 lit emulsion per linear meter.
    D. Treatment of Soil surrounding Plumbing pipes, Electric cables
    E. Treatment of Expansion Joint, If any.

    Basement & Retaining wall Monolithic structure
    A. Vertical Barrier- Treatment of soil along the retaining wall up to a depth of 0.5m from G.L. @7.5 lit emulsion per sq. m. of vertical area.
    B. Treatment of soil along external perimeter-@2.25 emulsion lit per linear meter.
    C. Treatment of Soil surrounding Plumbing pipes, Electric cables etc.
    D. Treatment of Expansion Joint, If any.

    Ground Floor Structure without basement
    A. Treatment at foundation level - The bottom surface & the sides up to a height of 300 mm of foundation trench shall be treated with the solution @ 05 liters per Sq. meter.
    B. Treatment at Junction of wall & floor - 1.00 ltrs emulsion per running mtr along internal walls
    C. Treatment to top surface of plinth filling - 5.00 ltrs emulsion per sq mtr of plinth area
    D. Treatment of soil along external perimeter-@2.25 lit emulsion per linear meter.
    E. Treatment of soil surrounding pipes, wastes & conduits.
    F. Treatment for Expansion Joints-

    Post-Construction Anti Termite Treatment, 1 & 2 years Warranty: Drill, Fill and Seal Process.
    The treatment comprises of drilling holes at the skirting level of walls at a distance of one feet, filled with Termiticide in sufficient quantity and finally sealed with white cement.
    The Wooden frames are drilled at the distance of one and a half feet, filled with Termiticide in sufficient quantity and finally sealed with white cement.
    The wardrobes or space kept for wardrobes are also drilled at the distance of one and a half feet, filled with Termiticide in sufficient quantity and finally sealed with white cement. Note: If the wardrobes are fixed, the chemical will be mixed with kerosene rather then water to ensure the safety of plywood used.

    Why do you need a pre construction and post construction termite treatment?
    Of course, an effective termite control keeps your ambience healthy. Effective consideration of pre and post construction termite control can save your property and household from the advent of this disastrous inclusion.

    What are the products we consider best for pre and post termite treatment?
    We ensure that the products we use for controlling the advent of termites at your surroundings remains compatible to the practice of green management. With eco-friendly platforms our technical expertise exerts the best of knowledge to use quality products in the concerned service. We inspect, implement and monitor the obvious needs for your house, providing an effective and expert termite control treatment. We create chemical barriers to reduce the advent of termites. Woodworks infested with termites are introduced to chemicals, which removes termite existence and protect them from future attacks. Of course, our treatment and chemical inclusions are done to kill termites and never to add repel. ISPC World involves the most-awarded treatments for termite control available in the market. Our safe and effective methods remain compatible to human and pet health conditions. We offer cost effective and non-messy treatments adhere to a professional treatment for no-future activity of termites.

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