Bhupinder Singh Rawat

"Opted for IPSC World's post construction termite control service. Professional service within my budget with 5 years of warranty. Strongly recommended."

Amit Khosla

"IPSC World is the best you can have to remove cockroaches from your surroundings. Equipped with advanced approaches, they used eco-friendly chemicals for my home."

Surendra Jain

"Very efficient in handling mice and rodent. ISPC World removed them from my building. My complex is now Rodent free."

Anil Sharma

"Customized availability made me to get pest control done within my budget. I received certified services from ISPC World. I strongly recommend ISPC for future service."

Sukhjot Singh Sodhi

"Prompt service in termite control. Once I experienced mud channels across the walls, I gave them a call. Efficient treatment they did, which is absolutely odourless."

Salim Khan

"Booked their service online and received flat 20% off. Very professional and efficient at their service. "

Parveen Mahajan

"I had never encountered bed bugs in the past. But, when I saw blood stains around my mattress, I became aware of their existence. Thanks to ISPC World, their professional treatment with the bed bugs showed impeccable results. "

Sailesh Bhardwaj

"Attack by wood borers on my beautiful easy chair got me into dilemma. Of course, with professionals at ISPC, my furniture are now under strong surveillance. No signs of wood borer around me. "

Sameer Puri

"Though, I kept strong note on sanitation but, experienced the advent of house flies. Thank you ISPC World for your advanced service."

Rakesh Kumar Gupta

"Learnt quite innovative processes to remove lizards from your surroundings. Hats off to you guys."