Wood Borer Control

After termites, wood borers are the second best wood-destroying insects available at your house. Wood borers survive on the starch available in wood, but, the damage starts at their larval stage. But, as they become adults, they eat the wood creating boring channels and leave black holes. This helps you to detect the presence of wood borers in your ambience. But, the advents of wood boring insects depend on wide factors:

  • Type of wood
  • Moisture Content of Wood
  • Environmental Conditions
  • If surveyed carefully, you can find several small holes in your furniture with wooden powder falling from them. Well, this can again describe their infestation. There are many old houses, where wood borers have attacked repeatedly, but, the damage remains to be Minimum. But, if, you find fresh wood powder falling from your elegant furniture seek for the professional assistance. Old wooden powders clumps together and are usually yellow in colour; whereas, light yellowish powder represents fresher frays.

    Wood borer control formula
    At ISPC World, we provide professional assistance to your wood boring issues. Of course, there are various conventional methods available but, we provide eco-friendly and healthy wood boring solutions.
    Well, to be precise, treating infestation of wood borers can never be treated by Do-It-Yourself method. Assessment-Inspection-Monitoring remains to be the core concept in removing wood borers from your environment. Extensive inspection to figure out their base and treating them with Wood Preservative chemicals remain to be our motto. Special syringes are used to inject the chemicals in the holes in your furniture. This deliberately combats the infestation, finally restoring the healthy composition of your furniture.

    Professionals at ISPC World aims in killing the wood borers and never to add repel. We extensively spray chemicals with petroleum base, which actively prevents further damage in your furniture. Our extensive aim remains to keep your furniture free of wood borer attacks, now and in future.

    Advantages Of Opting Ispc World For Wood Borer Control
    Our work comes with a wider arena of quality and efficiency. We offer exclusive warranty on our wood borer control service, following by long lasting results. At affordable rates, our aim sustains in providing you an enhanced service in making your house free of infestation.
    We believe, furniture and other wooden inclusions in your house add up to your elegance. Hence, our generous aim rests in serving the best to restore your elegant embellishments.

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