Rodent Control

Mouse Control, House flies and Lizards

Consider mouse, house fly and lizard - they are the unwanted members of your house. Other than disturbing your homely environment, they are capable of transmitting some of the vulnerable diseases.

Mouse and Rodent Control

When we talk about mouse or rodents - they are the most disastrous pests, especially in the urban areas. Being intrusive, alert, adaptable and omnivorous, rodents or mice invades your house and resides on your food. Contaminating your food at wider extent, rodents and mice are responsible to spread Hantavirus Pulmonary Disease. Rodents and mice, when gets aggressive due to wider supply of food around them, often brings plague.

So, what can be done to remove mice and rodent from your surroundings? Residential properties:
Especially found in compounds and buildings, treatment of rodent or mice infestation require extensive inspection and regular monitoring. Of course, there are products available for domestic use. But, for complete care seek to professional assistance. Commercial properties:
With ISPC World you can build a contract to get the inspection done regularly. We provide traps or baiting, along with the concerned chemicals, which can keep your environment free of mice and rodents.
Approved products ISPC World generally uses to remove mice and rodents from your premises are:

House fly control

With house flies - they are sere nuisance, which are especially found in bad sanitation. Flies or house flies generally resides on rotting and decaying organic matters, like, filth, manure, garbage or excreta. Well, if not all, few of the above give inclusions are available at your house. Flies are quite powerful - as they can contaminate your food and transmit some of the worst available diseases. Products we use at ISPC World to remove flies:
  • Sticky tapes
  • Insect screens
  • Light traps including electric traps and glue boards

Lizard Control

For controlling the lizard control at your surroundings, pest control plays a vital effect. Of course, compared to the other two unwanted guests, controlling lizard is an easier task. ISPC World includes some vibrant chemical sprays, which strongly control lizard at your house.

So why to choose ISPC World?

Of course, we cater our service on a wider variety of advantages. Our long lasting effects come with extensive warranty. Available at compared prices, our professionals are equipped to deliver efficient results. We believe, you house needs a safe and healthy environment; hence, we provide our best of services to deliver an eco-friendly and healthy ambience.

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