FAQ Subheading

  • Imbibing the honesty and proficiency of ISPC World, our employees remains dedicated to our clients. Adhering to responsibility, our service ensures long lasting results.
  • We have learnt the advanced methods of Pest Management service. Hence, with years of expertise and experience, we have acquired a special stature of quality and efficiency in our service.
  • Of course, other than adhering to the latest advancements, our research and analyst team involves their utmost innovation to serve the best for the industry. We diligently focus on customer satisfaction, with our customized efforts.
  • Our efficient service is warranted.
  • Our professional service includes termite (Pre and Post treatment, cockroach treatment, rodent treatment, bedbugs treatment, woodborer treatment, house fly treatment, Bird proofing.
    Adhering to Green management, we use the best eco-friendly chemicals available. We believe, as these are the unwanted guests present at your house, chemicals, which are used to remove them, must be healthy (for humans and pets) and eco-friendly.
  • Our Mouse and Cockroach control service is absolutely odourless.
  • Our woodborer and termite control service involves mild smell.
  • For bed bugs treatment, we advise our clients (especially, children, pregnant women, asthmatic patients) to maintain a safe distance from the treated area for at least 4 hours.
  • With termite treatment, we keep your premises free of termite attacks. If, termites are found during inspection, valued steps are taken without extra charge.
  • For cockroach control, our treatment remains effective for a period of 4 months for residential properties and 3 months for commercial hubs.
  • Please note; mouse and rodent are mobile creatures. Using the advanced methods of baiting and trapping, we keep them away from your premises. Our aim lies in keeping your environment free of mouse and rodent within the contract period.
  • Our customer service team can schedule our service, according to your convenience (date and time).
    Our inspection will schedule a specific date and time for the required inspection, according to your convenience.
    Our professional service comes in a variety of contractual structures, available with efficient warranty. To know more, speak to our customer service officers.
    Our general pest control treatment is customized, according to your needs. You can add up various available treatments and get it done, within your budget.