Pest Control - Home Tips

Do you use citrus spray or baits to keep out of termites and flies? Do you know home remedies be an active pest controller? Well, home remedies can work efficiently to keep you free from pest infestation until they exceed their severity.

Here are some Home Tips for Pest Control exclusively given by the experts of ISPC World:

Termite Control

Termite infestation remains undercover till their severity exceeds the abilities of various home-remedy treatments. Termites, if kept untreated can cause massive destructions, which can easily add up to a heavy expenditure. With failed termite control measures, termites can easily rein-fest an entire area.

Common control methods

Well, if you search through the market you can find several termite control products. Other than sprays and baits, various innovative methods are available to control termites.

Cockroach Control

Detrimental to human by nature, cockroaches are easier to find in your surroundings. Cockroaches are regarded as one of the most primary conveyors geared with harmful microorganisms. With effective contamination, the harmful microbes carried by these cockroaches in their saliva spread around, creating infections.

Common control methods

  • You can make an effective mixture of boric powder, white flour and granulated white sugar. Make a paste of this mixture with few drops of water. Boric powder works as a cockroach killer while sugar paste works as bait.
  • You can look for the chemical products available in the market for killing cockroaches. Chemical gels and sprays are widely available in the market to fight cockroaches for initial rounds.

Bedbugs Control

Well, bedbugs are difficult to eradicate. According to experts, adhere to expert pest control solutions to have a complete removal of bedbugs from your surroundings. But, if you believe in DIY method opt for these easy steps. This can help you to minimize the effects of bedbugs but, complete eradication requires expert hands.

Common Control Methods

  • While inspecting your bedrooms and living areas, mark the bedbug infested zones. Throwing the bed can never be the best solution to bed bugs. You must regularly strip and vacuum the mattress as well as the box springs.
  • Killing bed bugs present in the bed frames are a must. Though, under the home remedies this is one of the most difficult aspects, but, vacuuming and spraying insecticides can work as a temporary solution to the same.
  • You can isolate your bed from the rest of the furniture, available in your house.

Rodent Control

Rodents are the uninvited guests at your surroundings, which incites both fear and surprise to the homemakers. Available all around your dining room, attic, kitchen or basement, rodents can contaminate your healthy lifestyle. Frequent occurrence of rodents at your surroundings can bring along various diseases, which can cause severe damages. It is advised to call for expert help to get rid of rodents - but for home remedies, here are few.

Common Control Methods

  • Installation of door sweeps along the exterior of the doors is advised.
  • Mend your damaged screens to avoid rodents get inside.
  • Use adhesives to seal holes and cracks.
  • Maintain regular disposal of garbage
  • Use airtight containers to store food
  • Maintain healthy ventilation in your attics, crawl space and basements

Woodborer Control

Woodborers are known to destroy furniture, residing on the starch available on the wood. Starting the damage at the larval age, woodborer creates channels in your furniture. Closer inspection and monitoring is required to get complete removal of woodborers but, here are some home remedies which can save you from the severity of the infestation.

Common Control Methods

  • You can find variety of insecticides available in the market keeping you free of woodborers. You can directly apply the concerned insecticides to the wood, which can help in removing the availability on the surface.
  • Make sure you have the required ventilation to wipe out the smell of the insecticides.
  • Polishing and painting of furniture can remove woodborer.
  • Check if your furniture has any holes.

ISPC World has acquired the expertise and professionalism to provide a quality pest control service. Home tips are quite effective until you are severely attacked by pests. Pest control works efficiently undergoing a series of inspection and monitoring - providing a clean and healthy environment.

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