Cockroach Control

Of course, cockroaches are undesirable but, are also a threat to human health. If, brooms and slippers are the only solution to cockroach control, adhere to professional assistance. If surveyed, you can actually find cockroaches consuming your food and effectively contaminating your home environment. Slippers and brooms are solutions to visible cockroaches, but cockroaches present in the cervices of your house are a sere threat.

Cockroach Control

Here are some do-you-know facts about cockroaches, which can trigger your need for professional assistance to cockroach control:

  • Do you know that cockroaches transfer diseases like, pathogens? Similar to bacteria producing food poisoning, cockroaches can perform potential attribution to gastrointestinal disorder in humans (dysentery and diarrhea). Especially, with kids around, you must pay an extra level of attention.
  • Do you know that cockroaches are proficient to trigger asthma? The exoskeletons released from the body of the cockroaches can trigger asthmatic and various allergic reactions.
  • Do you know that an oily liquid secreted from their body can stain a place and releases bad odor?
  • Do you know that they prefer moist and warm spaces, feeding on your food?

ISPC World provides professional eradication of the root cause to cockroach growth. Overcoming the conventional methods, ISPC World invests their expertise in eliminating the root cause rather than targeting the general surface nuisance.

  • We prefer Intelligel - a new generation treatment to cockroach control adaptable to eco-friendly components and chemicals.
  • We Assess - cervices, holes present in the electrical appliances and wall cracks. Gel is applied at the suspected outlets for cockroach control.
  • We follow eat and die at your home concept - cockroaches eat the gel and die at their hideouts. For cockroaches residing in colonies - they consume the gel and targets the entire colony to die.

Do you have kids at home? Well, professional cockroach control treatment at ISPC World, involves an expert side, where we provide treatment compatible to human and pet health.

Our treatments are odorless and efficiently care for your convenience. This hassle-free treatment can effectively be implemented without vacating your kitchen. Our cockroach control treatment is long lasting and is widely recommended, pertaining to safety for humans and your pets. Of course, we provide cost effective measures for treating the cockroaches at your houses. Our professionals monitor the growth of cockroaches in your environment and provide treatments to kill them; not to repel their existence. Adhere to ISPC World to opt for affordable and guaranteed results in controlling cockroaches.

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