The effective elimination of unwanted pests necessitates technical expertise, extensive research, environment-friendly products and services, and on-going innovation. With years of experience in pest control, ISPC World is the leading expert in the industry.

Composed of highly-trained, prudent, honest, accredited, and dynamic technicians, our people are assured to provide the best proactive solution to any residential and commercial pest problems that include termite, cockroach, rodent, bed bug, silverfish, mosquito, bee hives, and red ant infestations; bird roosting; and snake encroachment.

We understand that the entrenchment of pests is a tremendous nuisance to your everyday lives and your businesses. Our business it to ensure customer satisfaction with every aspect of our service delivery, assuring that your family, clients, and pets are protected at the same time.

The quality of our service is supported by a systemic approach of comprehensive inspection, program formulation, treatment implementation, and protection continuity.

Our research findings and services are fully-documented, allowing easy monitoring of all the pest control action within the premises of your property - a guarantee that our services meet your exceptional standards of quality.

Our existence is reliant on the ultimate protection guarantee you, our customers, enjoy. Your pest-free properties and positive reviews are at the pinnacle of our success. Now, as we continue to grow, our foreseeable future will always be dictated by our unrelenting adherence to world-class service measures.

Bhupinder Singh Rawat

"Opted for IPSC World's post construction termite control service. Professional service within my budget with 5 years of warranty. Strongly recommended."

Amit Khosla

"IPSC World is the best you can have to remove cockroaches from your surroundings. Equipped with advanced approaches, they used eco-friendly chemicals for my home."

Surendra Jain

"Very efficient in handling mice and rodent. ISPC World removed them from my building. My complex is now Rodent free."

Anil Sharma

"Customized availability made me to get pest control done within my budget. I received certified services from ISPC World. I strongly recommend ISPC for future service."

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